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Latisse is the only FDA-approved prescription product the grows lashes for people with inadequate lashes or eyelash length.

The result is longer, fuller, darker eyelashes beginning on week 4 with optimal results in 16 weeks.For full results of the Latisse solution, the product should be used nightly for 16 weeks.

Everyone is affected a little differently by the solution. Some people may experience mild redness and itching, darkening of the skin near site of solution application, and rare increased iris pigmentation.

If you decide to no longer use the product, your lash length and thickness will return to normal in a few weeks. Any side effects that may have occurred will also reverse in a few weeks, aside from the rare increased iris pigmentation which is permanent.

Click here for a helpful video about the Latisse Eyelash Solution

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product or if you wish to learn more, please don't hestitate to contact our office.


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