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MonaLisa Touch Specialist

Renee Cotter, MD -  - Gynecologist

Renee Cotter, MD

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Dr. Renee Cotter offers many state of the art treatment options to her patients living in the greater San Fernando Valley. This includes the MonaLisa Touch® procedure that uses lasers to help restore and tone the vaginal walls. This is in addition to other benefits for those who suffer from urinary incontinence. Dr. Cotter's private practice serves many different communities, including Calabasas and Canoga Park, California.

MonaLisa Touch Q & A

What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is an innovative procedure that uses laser technology to tighten and tone the tissues that make up the walls of the vagina. The procedure is performed using a small wand that emits energy waves in every direction. Dr. Cotter gently guides and turns the wand into the vagina so that all areas can be sufficiently treated.

Because the laser sends the energy waves deep into the tissues, the procedure can also be used to help reduce urinary incontinence, strengthening the pelvic walls and floor. As the tissues become toned, they are also stimulated to produce more fluid that helps keep the tissues pliable and moisturized.

Will you need more than one treatment to achieve optimum results?

The results of a MonaLisa Touch procedure will last longer if the full treatment is received. Dr. Cotter schedules one to three treatments at 40 to 60-day intervals. That allows ample time for recovery and also gives the body the chance to produce new collagen and elastin fibers. With each treatment, the increase in connective fibers helps to strengthen and tone the tissues.

After the initial treatment sessions have been completed, additional sessions may be needed in the future to help the tissues maintain flexibility and tone. Dr. Cotter will be better able to determine when additional sessions are required after the results of the first session are known.

What are the possible benefits?

The MonaLisa Touch procedure offers several benefits in addition to reducing pain during intercourse. A few of the most commonly reported benefits include:

  • Tissues that are more elastic and pliable
  • Increased moisture and lubrication
  • Less general discomfort
  • Reduced urinary incontinence

The MonaLisa Touch procedure is non-invasive with a minimal risk of infection. The recovery time is minimal, allowing you to return to work the following day. You can resume many of your daily activities within a few hours of the procedure with little to no discomfort. Dr. Cotter recommends waiting at least six weeks before having sexual intercourse to allow the maximum time for healing and the rejuvenation of the tissues.

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